About KeLonn

About KeLonn

Ke’Lonn Darnell Walker (born October 4th, 1992), Better known as Ke’Lonn Darnell is an American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and a Radio Host from Uptown, Dallas, Texas.

He is also a well know Radio personality of AlterVibes.com (AlterVibes Media), a London based media network that has achieved huge success breaking new talent and discussing life issues during his radio segment .

Since 2010 Ke’Lonn Darnell has dedicated himself to growing in the Entertainment and technology world. KeLonn become a Brand Ambassador of ETalc International promoting innovative health technology appliances, raising awareness about importance of technology in the service of humanity.

His Charity work was recognized in 2013, putting his time and efforts helping European countries affected with Floods for which he was awarded as an Brand Ambassador by ETalc International.

His love for music began at the young age of 5. His musical influences are A Tribe Called Quest , Queen Latifah, Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, Erykah Badu, Pharrell Jay Z, Rick Ross and Kanye West.

Darnell knew he wanted to entertain at the young age of 6 years old when his grandmother introduced him to preforming music with the church choir. He soon after began teaching himself how to read as well as write music. His passion for music was unique at 8 years old for inspiration he would take old movies watch scenes and create his own soundtracks for the movies he watched.

At the age of 12 Darnell was introduced to studio recordings when he met Kody Charleston Sr a local producer who helped Darnell shape and find the sound that he was searching for.

With simple yet catchy lyrics Darnell has created a major buzz for himself and on july 2017 will release a free EP called “Deposit$” for what Darnell claims is his rebirth in music.

Darnell temporarily stopped focusing on music after graduating high school because he found a passion in electronics and technology and wanted to not only learn the latest technology and devices but invest in them as well. Despite stepping away from his own music he has always remained a reputable writer and producer for many artist in the Houston and Dallas area. He says with this new body of work he is releasing “Deposits” is a warm up for him to release his first ever studio album under his label Well Invested Entertainment.

Official Website:      http://www.kelonndarnell.com
Official Twitter:        https://twitter.com/kelonndarnell

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